UK 6 Month Fixed Rate Bonds

While fixed rate bonds with a maturity date of 6 months are considered short term investments, in the UK these are typically influenced by the Bank of England, which set interest rates. Because of the short term nature of this type of investment, 6 month rates tend to be influenced current day BOE policies on the economy.

Top Interest Rates on 6 Month Fixed Rate Bonds in United Kingdom

Deposit Account Type APY Account Details
Bank of Scotland 6 Month Fixed Rate Bond1.50% The annual AER/Gross p.a. for this fixed rate bond is for a 6 month /180 day fixed term with a mi - GBP - Dec, 2014More Info
Lloyds TSB 6 Month Term Deposit1.00% Interest Rate is applicable to Lloyds TSB 6 month Term Deposit product - GBP - Jan, 2015More Info
HSBC UK 6 Month Fixed Rate Bond0.9% Rate applies to the HSBC 'fixed rate saver' product which has Interest paid monthly. Deposit bal - GBP - Jan, 2015More Info