ING UK Overview

ING Direct is a direct bank that has over 1 million customers, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dutch based ING Group that began in the UK in 2003, however in 2013 was being acquired and transferred to Barclays Bank. ING Direct had its head offices and telephone banking services in Reading and... read more

ING UK Discussion

  • Q: I had an account with ING in 2009. How can I find out what happened to the account and the money deposited in there?

    Reply Dennis from Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • Q: . What procedures are required to open an Ing ac if I have an account with Barclays?

    Reply Peter from Melbourne, Australia
  • Q: I had an account with ING direct which was closed before Barclays took over. Please how do I retrieve information about this account ? Thank you.

    Reply Mr Osunbayo from Bradford, United Kingdom
  • Q: if ING is now with Barclays , do you still have the savings maximiser with 2.75% interest?

    Reply philippa from United Kingdom