Lloyds TSB Interest Rates

Lloyds Bank offers a range of products to its personal banking customers, including: current accounts, savings accounts, ISAs, credit cards, mortgages and loans. Additionally Lloyds also offers insurance and travel services.

Lloyds TSB Overview

Lloyds TSB Bank plc is a major UK retail bank with a large ATM and branch network offering personal, business, private, commercial and international banking services. It has banking origins from as far back as 1765 and is part of the Lloyds Banking Group which is currently listed on the London Stock... read more

Lloyds TSB Discussion Activity

  • Lloyds Standard Savings Account - Savings
    Q: I have a lot of money in my standard saver from house sale- do you have a better standard type saver than .35% interest

    Jocelyn from France
  • Lloyds Standard Savings Account - Savings
    Q: Hello, I had easy saver, the lloyds changed it to Standard saver. Do I need to pay any taxes for that saver? If yes, I want to close it ASAP

    ernesta from London, United Kingdom