United Kingdom Interest Rates

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UK Banks and Providers

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Lloyds TSB Lloyds TSB 2940 1765 Local
HSBC UK HSBC UK 1725 1865 Local
Barclays Barclays 1700 1690 Local
NatWest NatWest 1600 1833 Local
Santander UK Santander UK 1300 1857 Foreign
Halifax Halifax 800 1853 Local
RBS RBS 700 1727 Local
Nationwide Nationwide 700 1846 Local
The Cooperative Bank The Cooperative Bank 317 1872 Local
Bank of Scotland Bank Of Scotland 300 1695 Local

United Kingdom Discussion Activity

  • HSBC UK - Savings -
    Q: i have bank a/c with hsbc. what is best isa you have?

    Reply Anthony Smith from Heanor, United Kingdom
  • ING UK
    Q: I had an account with ING in 2009. How can I find out what happened to the account and the money deposited in there?

    Reply Dennis from Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • Santander UK
    Q: Do you have a Branch at 100 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7RE ?

    Reply Randall from Halifax, Canada
  • HSBC UK - Savings -
    Q: II HAVE A LOYALTY CASH ISA WITH HSBC READING UK. WHAT IS THE REATE OF INTEREST OF ISA? it is to compare with other bank's isa rate.

    Reply Arundhati from London, United Kingdom
  • Metro Bank UK - Deposits
    Q: Pl let me know the fixed rate bonds are guaranteed by financial service

    Reply Murugiah from Lockerbie, United Kingdom
  • The Cooperative Bank
    Q: how do I access my business account now you have revamped your site? I used to put in 'cooperative business banking' but this is not acceptable now.

    Reply david from United Kingdom
  • NatWest - Deposits - NatWest 2 Year Fixed Rate Bond
    Q: How (and for what period) is interest calculated on fixed rate bonds. My statement says for Feb 2018 to Feb 2019, but says interest paid for tax year 2017/18

    Reply John Hague from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
  • Standard Chartered Bank UK
    Q: Do you have a branch in Staines or Ashford Middlesex UK?

    Reply Tony from Kenya
  • The Cooperative Bank
    Q: do you lend money to buy hotel in usa

    Reply kanti from United States
  • Halifax
    Q: What is your criteria for private banking, and were is the nearest branch to SW20. i

    Reply Naomi from Worcester Park, United Kingdom